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Fig. 4

From: Flutamide-induced alterations in transcriptional profiling of neonatal porcine ovaries

Fig. 4

Differentially expressed genes (DEGs; P-adjusted < 0.05 and log2 fold change ≥1.0) in the ovaries of porcine neonates treated with flutamide. The left panel shows a heatmap illustrating the expression profile of top 50 DEGs: the red blocks represent up-regulated genes, and the green blocks represent down-regulated genes; the color scale of the heatmap represents the expression level, where the most bright green stands for − 1.0 log2 fold change and the most bright red stands for 1.0 log2 fold change. The selection of the top 50 DEGs was based on the least standard deviations within a group (CTR and FLU). The right panel presents the number of differentially expressed transcripts (DETs) and DEGs (DETs/DEGs) obtained by employing two statistical tools, i.e., Cufflinks and DESeq combined with the SVA batch normalization effect

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