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Fig. 2

From: A multiplatform metabolomic approach to characterize fecal signatures of negative postnatal events in chicks: a pilot study

Fig. 2

Discriminant LC-HRMS fecal metabolites (ESI+ and ESI-) and score plot based on OPLS-DA model. In the score plot, the individuals from the delayed (D) and control (C) groups are represented by orange triangles and light blue circles, respectively. The bar plot represents the contributions of the variables (a negative contribution score indicates a contribution of the variable to the delayed group while a positive score is indicative of a contribution to the control group) and their importance in projection (VIP) in the OPLS-DA model. The “+” or “–” signs after the metabolite names correspond to the LC-HRMS ionization mode. The descriptive and predictive performance characteristics of the models are R2Ycum = 0.81 and Q2cum = 0.73

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