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Table 1 Effects of lactulose and hydrogen-rich water on serum D-lactic acid levels, diamine oxidase (DAO) activities and endotoxin concentrations in female piglets fed Fusarium mycotoxin-contaminated diet1, 2

From: Morphological and molecular response of small intestine to lactulose and hydrogen-rich water in female piglets fed Fusarium mycotoxins contaminated diet

Item NC MC MC + LAC MC + HRW SEM P-value
D-Lactic acid, mmol/L 12.53Bb 21.47Aa 14.15Bb 14.14Bb 1.04 < 0.001
DAO, U/mL 13.37b 19.97a 13.52b 13.68b 0.96 0.020
Endotoxin, EU/L 0.68Bb 1.26Aa 0.74Bb 0.84ABb 0.06 0.001
  1. Data are expressed as mean with standard error of mean (SEM)
  2. (A,B,a,b)Means in the same row not sharing the same lower (P < 0.05) or upper (P < 0.01) case superscript letters are significantly different
  3. 1 NC (negative control), basal diet; MC, Fusarium mycotoxin-contaminated diet; MC + LAC, MC diet + lactulose treatment; and MC + HRW, MC diet + hydrogen-rich water treatment
  4. 2 n = 5