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Fig. 3

From: Nanotechnology-based approach for safer enrichment of semen with best spermatozoa

Fig. 3

Evaluation of sperm-MNP conjugate interactions, using TEM (A), AFM/MFM (B), and Hyperspectral (C) imaging. Cross-sectioned spermatozoa revealed single-point (A1) and multi-point (A2) attachments of MNP conjugates to spermatozoa. Micrograph indicates Lectin-MNP targeting in the sperm head (arrow) region (B). Hyperspectral library and control boar spermatozoa allowing calibration to detect MNP conjugates are shown in C1 and C2 micrographs, respectively. Micrographs C3a and C4a are optical images of corresponding hyperspectral mapped Annexin V- (C3b) and Lectin- (C3b) MNP appearing as red spots indicated by arrows. Inserts show main localization of MNP within the sperm head

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