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Fig. 1

From: Nanotechnology-based approach for safer enrichment of semen with best spermatozoa

Fig. 1

Simplified illustration of the semen nanoselection process. a Mixture of extended boar semen with MNP conjugates, then incubation. b Sperm-MNP complex formations after interactions between damaged spermatozoa and MNP conjugates, allowing separation under an electromagnetic field (red arrow). c Magnetic trapping of sperm-MNP complexes on the tube wall (ellipse) and passive elution of unbound (free) spermatozoa in a new tube (right). Optical microscopy of Sperm-MNP conjugate complexs (C1a) and nanoselected, free MNP conjugate spermatozoa (C2a). For the proposed two-step nanoselection, the described process was performed on same semen samples, starting with Annexin V-MNP conjugates

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