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Fig. 2

From: Dynamics of methanogenesis, ruminal fermentation and fiber digestibility in ruminants following elimination of protozoa: a meta-analysis

Fig. 2

Methanogenesis dynamics during adaptation to defaunation. The temporal SMD (standardized mean difference) dynamics (a) after defaunation included a linear phase (≤ 12 wk, yellow portion) followed by a plateau phase (≥ 11 wk, blue portion). The overlap of two phases were the green portion. The linear phase was reanalyzed by meta-regression analysis (b), and the plateau phase was reanalyzed by meta-analysis (c). Circles in the graph represent the estimates from each study, and the size of the circles represents the percentage of weight of each study. The blue diamond represent in panel (c) represents the combined effect and its 95% confidence interval

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