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Fig. 5

From: Exacerbated conceptus signaling does not favor establishment of pregnancy in beef cattle

Fig. 5

ISG15 mRNA expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells according to reproductive status of beef cows. Animals detected in estrus (D0) were assigned randomly to receive a single injection of vehicle (Non-iP4) or 150 mg of long acting progesterone (iP4) on D4 and transfer of none or 5 in vitro produced blastocysts on D7. Cows that received five embryos on D7 were classified retrospectively as experiencing early embryonic mortality (EEM; n = 18), late embryonic mortality (LEM; n = 11) or confirmed as pregnant at ultrasound exam on D30 (n = 25). Cows receiving no embryos were classified as cyclic (n = 25). Data were analyzed by split-plot ANOVA and only the significant effect was reported. Data are represented as Least squares means ± SEM. Values within a day without a common superscript are different between groups at a,bP < 0.05 or c,dP < 0.0001

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