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Table 4 The statistics of mutation locations in mitochondrial tRNAs

From: Polymorphism of mitochondrial tRNA genes associated with the number of pigs born alive

TRNA locationa Number tRNA geneb
A stem 2 tRNA-Ala(1), tRNA-Thr(1)
D loop 4 tRNA-Leu(2), tRNA-Cys(1), tRNA-Gly(1)
T loop 7 tRNA-Val(2), tRNA-Asp(1), tRNA-Thr(1), tRNA-Ala(2), tRNA-Glu(1)
T stem 3 tRNA-Phe(3)
  1. aThe location in the secondary structure of tRNA: D loop referred to the tRNA dihydrouridine loop; T stem and loop referred to the TφC stem and loop, respectively; A stem referred to the acceptor stem
  2. bThe number in the parentheses was the frequency of tRNA mutations in the corresponding genes