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Fig. 2

From: Effect of diets supplemented with linseed alone or combined with vitamin E and selenium or with plant extracts, on Longissimus thoracis transcriptome in growing-finishing Italian Large White pigs

Fig. 2

Functional analysis of D2-D1 comparison obtained using Cytoscape. Significant terms are graphically summarized using REVIGO. The figure shows the hub DEGs and the interactions with their related pathways and BPs. Legend: squares = pathways; circles = biological processes (BPs); shape size = according to the P-value of the term in its own group; red colour = upregulated (cluster #1) (only COL3A1 is upregulated in this comparison); green colour = downregulated (cluster #2); interaction line thickness = according to kappa score value, represents the strength of the interactions, lighter colour corresponds to a lower strength while darker colour to a higher strength

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