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Fig. 3

From: Neonatal vitamin A injection promotes cattle muscle growth and increases oxidative muscle fibers

Fig. 3

Myogenic differentiation of isolated mononuclear cells is increased in vitamin A treated calves. a Mononuclear cells isolated from muscle biopsy were stained with anti-Desmin antibody. b Quantification of Desmin positive cell number. c The level of myogenic mRNAs after 2 d of myogenesis. d Bright field pictures of cells before inducing myogenic differentiation (scale bar = 100 μm) and immunofluorescence staining of myotubes using anti-MHC antibody after 6 d of myogenic differentiation. e Fusion index. ***P < 0.001; Mean ± SEM; n = 9; scale bar = 100 μm

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