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Fig. 1

From: Recent progress of porcine milk components and mammary gland function

Fig. 1

Composition of sow milk throughout lactation. Note: a. Porcine milk composition in 1980s. These data were summarized by Klobasa et al. [103]. b. Porcine milk composition in 2010s. References used to calculate averages of milk composition in last 10 years: Kim et al. [104], Tian et al. [105], Bai et al. [106], Wang et al. [107], Shen et al. [108], Decaluwe et al. [109], Wang et al. [110], Samanc et al. [111], Loisel et al. [112], Krogh et al. [113], Flummer and Theil [114], Zhao et al. [115], Velayudhan and Nyachoti [116], Rosero et al. [117], Farmer et al. [118], Park et al. [119], Wang et al. [120]

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