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Fig. 4

From: Perturbations in the uterine luminal fluid composition are detrimental to pregnancy establishment in cattle

Fig. 4

Effect of previous ULF collections on total protein concentration in the ULF-D7.5. Uterine horns of beef cows detected in estrus (D0) were flushed non-surgically thrice with 30 mL of DMPBS (90 mL) and the resulting uterine luminal flushing (ULF) was collected. Animals were assigned randomly to be submitted to ULF collections on D1; D4; D7; D1 + D4 + D7; or to remain not-collected, composing 5 experimental groups. On D7.5, ULF were collected from all groups the abundance of albumen was determined in samples from ipsilateral uterine horn. SDS-PAGE was conducted, polyacrylamide gels were stained with Coomassie-Blue and abundance of albumin was determined by densitometry. Values are presented as LSMEANS±SEM. Main effect of group is indicated (P = 0.02). Mean differed from Control at **P = 0.03 and *P = 0.06 as determined by Dunnett test. Pool: Mix of all flushing sample. AU: Arbitrary units

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