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Fig. 3

From: Perturbations in the uterine luminal fluid composition are detrimental to pregnancy establishment in cattle

Fig. 3

Effect of previous ULF collections on total protein concentration in the ULF-D7.5. Uterine horns of beef cows detected in estrus (D0) were flushed non-surgically thrice with 30 mL of DMPBS (90 mL) and the resulting uterine luminal flushing (ULF) was collected. Animals were assigned randomly to be submitted to ULF collections on D1; D4; D7; D1 + D4 + D7; or to remain not-collected, composing 5 experimental groups. On D7.5, ULF were collected from all groups for quantification of total protein concentrations. Control group was used to assess the perturbations promoted by the ULF collections on the total protein concentrations. Values are presented as LSMEANS ± SEM. Main effects of group, uterine horn (Horn) and their interaction are indicated. **P < 0.01, differed from Control group as determined by Dunnett test

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