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Fig. 2

From: Perturbations in the uterine luminal fluid composition are detrimental to pregnancy establishment in cattle

Fig. 2

Effect of ULF classified as clear or bloody on total protein concentration and albumin abundance. On D7.5 (D0: estrus), each uterine horn of beef cows (n = 7) were flushed thrice with 30 mL of PBS and the resulting uterine luminal flushings were collected (ULF1, ULF2 and ULF3), visually classified as clear or bloody (Panel a) and stored for analysis. Quantification of total protein concentrations and determination of albumin abundance was performed in each ULF (Panel b). Panel c: Representation of the three successive ULF classified as clear (black bold marked) or bloody (red bold marked) in the polyacrylamide gel stained with Coomassie-Blue for albumin determination. Pool: Mixture of all collected ULF. AU: Arbitrary units. Values are presented as LSMEANS±SEM

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