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Fig. 1

From: Perturbations in the uterine luminal fluid composition are detrimental to pregnancy establishment in cattle

Fig. 1

Experimental designs of the two experiments performed in this study. Collection of uterine luminal flushings (ULF) was performed during diestrus to determine: the effect on the uterine luminal protein content at D7.5 post-estrus (Exp. 1) or on pregnancy establishment (Exp. 2). Accordingly, follicle growth of cycling, non-suckled, multiparous Nelore cows was synchronized and estrus was detected (D0). Uterine horns were flushed non-surgically with 30 mL of DMPBS thrice (Exp. 1, 90 mL total) or once (Exp. 2) and ULF was collected. In Exp. 1, animals were submitted randomly to collection of ULF on D1; D4; D7; D1, 4 and 7; or to remain not-collected, to compose the 5 experimental groups: D1-ULF, D4-ULF, D7-ULF, D1 + D4 + D7-ULF and Control. On D7.5, ULF were collected from all groups for determination of total protein concentration and abundance of albumin. On Exp. 2, the same experimental groups were present, with the exception of D1 + D4 + D7-ULF group*. On D7.5, three in vitro-produced embryos were transferred non-surgically to the uterine horn ipsilateral to the ovary containing a CL and pregnancy was checked (PC) on D25 by transrectal ultrasonography. In both experiments, a sham ULF collection (all procedures except delivering DMPBS to the uterus) was performed in each cow, in each experimental day when no ULF collection was scheduled

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