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Fig. 2

From: Metabolomic analysis of longissimus from underperforming piglets relative to piglets with normal preweaning growth

Fig. 2

Hierarchical cluster analysis of the metabolome from the longissimus of slow and normal growing pigs. Heat map representation of metabolites that differed significantly between slow and normal muscle samples. Each block represents the abundance of one metabolite from one sample. Samples are sorted by muscle source. Cells are conditionally formatted so that the minimum value measured (or imputed) for each metabolite is green; the maximum value is red. Hierarchical cluster analysis (HCA) of the dataset revealed that the samples showed modest evidence of clustering by growth rate (X-axis pink/red bars), consistent with overlapping populations detected by PCA. Independently clustering samples identified by PCA are indicated with black arrows and show highly dispersed clustering patterns. USDA-017## represent the identification code for longissimus metabolome of individual pigs

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