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Fig. 6

From: Regulation of amino acid transporters in the mammary gland from late pregnancy to peak lactation in the sow

Fig. 6

The gene expression of SLC38A2, SLC1A4, SLC1A1, SLC6A14 in PMEC cells cultured with different concentration of AAs. Cells were assigned to 4 concentrations of AA complex in each of 2 mediums for each of 3 classes of AA complexes (Neutral AAs complex: L-Ala + L-Ser + L-Cys; Acidic AA complex: L-Asp + L-Glu; Neutral + basic AAs complex: L-Ala + L-Ser + L-Cys + L-Lys). Gene expression of SLC38A2 and SLC1A4 were detected in those cells treated with neutral AA complexes, SLC1A1 were detected in those cells treated with acidic AA complex, and SLC6A14 were detected in those cells treated with Neutral + basic AAs complex. All data are shown as means ± SEM. In the histogram of the same gene, values with different lower case letter superscripts differ (P < 0.05)

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