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Table 3 Main functional categories of proteins affected by an interaction between genotype and developmental age effects in subcutaneous adipose tissue of pig fetuses

From: Proteomic analysis of adipose tissue during the last weeks of gestation in pure and crossbred Large White or Meishan fetuses gestated by sows of either breed

Functional annotationa P-value Enrich. Proteins
Cluster 1 (E score = 2.75)    AHSG, TF, GSN,
 Response to organic substance < 0.001 9.4 SERPINA1, PEPB1,
 Response to hormone stimulus 0.003 12.3 IDH1
Cluster 2 (E score = 2.48)
 Acute phase response < 0.001 84.6 AHSG, SERPINA1, TF
Cluster 3 (E score = 1.90)
 Negative regulation of signal transduction 0.013 15.3 AHSG, PEPB1, CALR
Cluster 4 (E score = 1.65)    APOA1, CALR, TF
 Chemical homeostasis 0.007 8.8 HSP90B1
Cluster 5 (E score = 1.47)    AHSG, PEPB1, CALR,
 Macromolecular complex assembly 0.015 6.8 GSN
Cluster 6 (E score = 1.38)
 Maintenance of location 0.01 52.8 ALB, PEPB1, CALR
 Regulation of apoptosis 0.10 4.2  
  1. aThe E score of the cluster was measured by minus log transformation of the geometric mean of the modified Fisher Exact EASE Scores of all annotation terms that belong to this cluster, and it was intended to order the relative importance of the different clusters. The fold enrichments (enrich.) of specific individual annotation terms were also indicated for the most biologically-informative terms within each cluster