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Table 5 Urine and milk nitrogen (N) excretion in dairy cows fed 3 experimental diets

From: Effects of the dietary nonfiber carbohydrate content on lactation performance, rumen fermentation, and nitrogen utilization in mid-lactation dairy cows receiving corn stover

Items Treatmentc SEM P-value
N intake, g/d 504a 497a 451b 1.29 < 0.01
Urinary N excretion, g/d 230a 235a 191b 10.7 0.03
N excretions, % of N intake
 Urinary N 46.2 48.0 42.6 1.79 0.11
 Milk N 27.5 26.0 28.0 1.14 0.20
  1. a-bLeast squares means within a row with different superscripts differ significantly (P < 0.05)
  2. cAH = Total mixed rations containing alfalfa hay; L-NFC = Total mixed rations containing corn stover with a low content of non-fiber carbohydrates; H-NFC = Total mixed rations containing corn stover formulated to have similar non-fiber carbohydrate concentrations as the AH diet