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Fig. 2

From: Supplementation of amylase combined with glucoamylase or protease changes intestinal microbiota diversity and benefits for broilers fed a diet of newly harvested corn

Fig. 2

Relative abundance of the dominant bacterial communities in the cecal digesta of 23-day-old broiler chickens at phylum (a), family (b) and genus (c) level

Each bar represents the relative abundance of each treatment. Each color represents a particular bacterial phylum. A: the control; B: Enzyme A (1,500 U/g α-amylase; C: Enzyme B(Enzyme A + 300 U/g amylopectase + 20,000 U/g glucoamylase); D: Enzyme C (Enzyme B+ 10,000 U/g protease); E: Enzyme D (Enzyme C + 15,000 U/g xylanase); F: Enzyme E (Enzyme D + 200 U/g cellulase + 1,000 U/g pectinase).

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