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Fig. 1

From: Functional roles of ornithine decarboxylase and arginine decarboxylase during the peri-implantation period of pregnancy in sheep

Fig. 1

Evidence for delivery of MAOs and knockdown of translation of mRNAs for ODC1, ADC and their combination in ovine conceptus trophectoderm on d 16 of pregnancy. [a] These images confirmed uptake of lissamine-tagged MAOs (red staining) in MAO control, MAO-ODC1, MAO-ADC, MAO-ODC1: MAO-ADC (a) and MAO-ODC1: MAO-ADC (b). [b] The results indicate that translation of ODC1 mRNA was not inhibited in MAO-control conceptuses (Panel B1) as noted by abundant green staining; however, green staining for ODC1 is very weak for the conceptuses exposed to MAO-ODC1, and MAO-ODC1:MAO-ADC. [c] Immunofluorescence images indicate abundant green staining for ADC in the MAO-contro conceptuses, but not in the MAO-ADC or MAO-ODC1:MAO-ADC conceptuses. These results confirmed that the respective MAOs inhibited translation of ODC1 and ADC as expected. Purified non-relevant rabbit IgG was substituted for the primary antibody as the negative control as evidenced by the lack of green staining

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