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Fig. 1

From: Dietary betaine activates hepatic VTGII expression in laying hens associated with hypomethylation of GR gene promoter and enhanced GR expression

Fig. 1

Expression of VTG, ERα, GR and co-immunoprecipitation of ERα/GR. a) Hepatic expression of VTGII mRNA; b) Plasma concentration of VTG; c) Hepatic concentration of VTG protein; d) Plasma E2 concentration; e) hepatic mRNA expression of ERα and ERβ; f) Hepatic protein expression of ERα; g) Hepatic GR mRNA expression; h) GR protein expression; j) Immuno-blotting of liver nuclear lysate with anti-GR antibody after immunoprecipitation with anti-ERα antibody; i) Calculation of bands intensity of GR normalized by ERα. Values are means ± SEM, *P < 0.05, compared with control (n = 8). IB, Immuno-blotting; IP, immunoprecipitation

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