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Fig. 4

From: The effects of starter microbiota and the early life feeding of medium chain triglycerides on the gastric transcriptome profile of 2- or 3-week-old cesarean delivered piglets

Fig. 4

The effect of supplemention with a fortified diet with (MCT) or not (CTRL) on the nodes of the gene sets enriched in the oxyntic mucosa of piglets early associated with the CA) or the SA. a The entire picture for Hallmark gene set, summarizing the main biological states or processes; b Picture of nodes obtained with the more detailed GO gene set; the nodes represent the gene sets. The color on the ring represents the CA piglets while the color at the center of the node represents the SA piglets. The edges represent the link of two or more gene sets sharing the same core group of genes, thus explaining the enrichment of each of the gene sets. Enrichment significance (P-value) is conveyed as node color intensity where red stands for upregulation in the CA or the SA piglets fed the MCT diet, and blue for downregulation as compared with the CTRL-fed piglets. The node size represents the number of genes in the genen set

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