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Fig. 3

From: Impacts of prenatal nutrition on animal production and performance: a focus on growth and metabolic and endocrine function in sheep

Fig. 3

Morphology of Van Gieson-stained subcutaneous adipose tissue from 6 months old adolescent lambs and 2 years old adult sheep (obtained from Nielsen et al. [39]). Panel A: examples of pictures from the 4 groups of lambs, used to grade cell size (and with negligible collagen infiltration) showing a larger population of very small cells in the LOW/CONV group (bottom left) relative to the other groups, and extensive hypertrophy in adipocytes from HCHF lambs (pictures to the right). Panel B: morphological characteristics observed in slides from adult LOW sheep, which was not restricted to a specific early postnatal diet (pictures at the top) with extensive collagen infiltration (grade 4), which was never observed to the same extent among NORM sheep (max grade assigned = 2). For HIGH, NORM, LOW, CONV, HCHF see legends for Fig. 1

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