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Fig. 1

From: Impacts of prenatal nutrition on animal production and performance: a focus on growth and metabolic and endocrine function in sheep

Fig. 1

The experimental design of the Copenhagen sheep model showing different nutritional and dietary interventions during late gestation and early postnatal life in sheep (obtained from Khanal et al., 2014 [10]). Late gestational nutrition groups: HIGH, fulfilling 150% of Danish requirements for energy and 110% of requirements for protein; LOW, fulfilling only 50% of requirements for energy and protein; NORM; fulfilling 100% requirements for energy and protein. Early postnatal (from 3 d after birth until 6 mo of age) nutrition groups: one lamb from each twin pair was allocated to a HCHF diet (high-starch-high fat consisting of a milk replacer-dairy cream mix supplemented with rolled maize), and the other was fed a CONV (conventional/moderate, hay-based diet; growth rate of appr. 225 g/d) diet

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