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Fig. 7

From: Effect of recombinant and native buffalo OVGP1 on sperm functions and in vitro embryo development: a comparative study

Fig. 7

Percentage of uncapacitated (a), capacitated (b), and acrosome reacted (c) sperms during incubation with native and recombinant OVGP1 as compared to control (without native and recombinant OVGP1). Cryopreserved sperms were incubated with native and recombinant OVGP1 for 4 h at 38 °C, 5% CO2. Sperm capacitation status was estimated using CTC staining. Superscripts a, b & c indicate the significant differences in the control, native and recombinant OVGP1-treated groups during different hours of incubation (P < 0.05)

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