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Table 2 Highlighted genes from genome-wide (in bold) and chromosome-wise associations for scrotal circumference at 420 d of age

From: Candidate genes for male and female reproductive traits in Canchim beef cattle

Symbol SNP Reference Chr:Pos Distances to gene P-value (Min - Max)
RAP1B rs110520377 a, rs133990240 a, rs109547215a, rs110160018 b, rs110261691 c, rs109099268 b, rs133124963 b, rs109023687 b, rs110034677 b, rs110091099 b, rs109950552 b, rs137658592 b, rs133340933b, rs134626455b, rs110001336b, rs109288126 b, rs137319832b, rs109506571 b, rs109248631 b, rs110027103 b, rs109561643 b, rs109210079 b, rs110160918 b, rs134366426b, rs109273768b, rs109024096b, rs110798702b, rs110625630 b, rs110219262 b, rs134311132 b, rs135497432 b, rs133173059 b 5:45.35..45.40 8.58..0.00 2.47E-07 - 7.64E-05
SRGAP1 rs110268648 b, rs109748105 b, rs134621421 b 5:49.98..49.98 0.00 1.88E-06 - 6.55E-06
FOXM1 rs135705262b 5:107.39 0.00 4.00E-04
TOP1 rs134822694 b, rs135287766 b 13:70.39..70.40 0.00 3.86E-06
STAU2 rs137465376b, rs134711539b, rs137821036a 14:38.89..38.97 0.00..14.40 8.66E-05 - 5.00E-04
PEX2 rs137442228d, rs110035827a, rs41730291a 14:42.33..42.37 0.00..40.77 4.10E-04 - 9.80E-04
FABP5 rs109480456a, rs136045797a, rs133930486e, rs136613853b, rs137684819c, rs133054550a, rs133483556a, rs136236059a, rs136236059a, rs137344980a, rs135804214a, rs136785030a, rs135727060a, rs133436244a, rs134708967a, rs43103204a 14:46.63..46.73 15.48..0.00..83.31 1.55E-05 - 1.16E-03
FABP12 rs43765470b, rs43765465a, rs41730924a 14:46.89..46.92 0.00..28.04 3.48E-05 - 2.88E-04
MED30 rs135065691c, rs41734435b, rs135292147a 14:48.94..48.97 4.03..0.00..9.76 8.27E-04 - 9.48E-04
TRHR rs133457508e 14:57.52 0.00 2.27E-04
  1. aintergenic region bintron variant cdownstream variant d5′ UTR eupstream variant
  2. Gene symbols, SNP reference number, and chromosomes (Chr) and positions (Pos, in megabase) were obtained from NCBI website. Distances to gene (kilobase) are presented from 5′ to gene and 3′ to gene directions. If distance equals zero (0.00), the SNP is on intragenic region. P-values are presented as the minimum (Min) and maximum (Max) significance obtained from the generalized quasi-likelihood method