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Table 1 Chromosome-wise association for scrotal circumference (SC210), age at first (AFC) and second calving (ASC)

From: Candidate genes for male and female reproductive traits in Canchim beef cattle

Trait Genes SNP Reference Chr:Pos Distance to gene P-value (Min-Max)
SC210 SMIM23 rs135355728a 20:3.48 14.22 8.96E-06
SC210 PAPD7 rs137042056a, rs136276163a 20:66.52..66.53 48.62..38.66 5.85E-06-p2.32E-05
SC210 ICE1 rs41582170b 20:67.81 0.00 2.13E-05
SC210 LOC101907249 rs136535499a 20:69.05 240.87 2.13E-05
SC210 EDARADD rs110746860b, rs110371081b, rs109902875b, rs110870694b, rs110610232b, rs134356559b, rs210911576b 28:9.14..28:9.16 0.00 6.71E-06-5.76E-05
AFC NXPH1 rs133411648a 4:17.46 45.77 8.26E-07
AFC EXOC4 rs110606254a 4:98.31 0.00 1.74E-06
AFC ZMAT4 rs134390082a, rs137553882a, rs133519327a, rs135481346a 27:35.19..35.21 48.32..29.34 1.23E-05-3.18E-05
ASC FMN1 rs134100268b 10:29.88 0.00 2.43E-06
ASC TMEM182 rs43661848a 11:7.69 197.15 6.29E-06
ASC LOC790871 rs136610615a 11:22.29 69.94 2.77E-06
ASC UBQLN3 rs43031470c 15:48.70 0.00 3.39E-06
  1. aintergenic region
  2. bintron variant
  3. cexon variant
  4. Gene symbols, SNP reference number, and chromosomes (Chr) and positions (Pos, in megabase) were obtained from NCBI website. Distances to gene (kilobase) are presented from 5′ to gene direction. If distance equals zero (0.00), the SNP is on intragenic region. P-values are presented as the minimum (Min) and maximum (Max) significance obtained from the generalized quasi-likelihood method