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Table 1 Composition (g/kg as fed) of the basal diet

From: Nutritional value of a partially defatted and a highly defatted black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens L.) meal for broiler chickens: apparent nutrient digestibility, apparent metabolizable energy and apparent ileal amino acid digestibility

 Maize meal 582.9
 Soybean meal 350.0
 Soybean oil 36.0
 Dicalcium phosphate 12.4
 Calcium carbonate 11.2
 Sodium chloride 2.0
 Sodium bicarbonate 1.5
 Trace mineral-vitamin premixa 4.0
Calculated analysis
 AME, MJ/kg 12.3
 Crude protein 214
 Methionine 1.0
 Lysine 10.1
 Threonine 7.1
 Calcium 8.8
 Phosphorous 5.8
  1. AME apparent metabolizable energy
  2. aMineral-vitamin premix (Final B Prisma, IZA SRL), given values are supplied per kg diet: 2,500,000 IU of vitamin A; 1,000,000 IU of vitamin D3; 7,000 IU of vitamin E; 700 mg of vitamin K; 400 mg of vitamin B1; 800 mg of vitamin B2; 400 mg of vitamin B6; 4 mg of vitamin B12; 30 mg of biotin; 3,111 mg of Ca pantothenate acid; 100 mg of folic acid; 15,000 mg of vitamin C; 5,600 mg of vitamin B3; 10,500 mg of Zn, 10,920 mg of Fe; 9,960 mg of Mn; 3850 mg of Cu; 137 mg of I; 70 mg of Se