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Table 9 Interactions between sexes and feed restriction on fatty acids profile in the meat of the longissimus thoracis muscle of Morada Nova lambs

From: Effects of quantitative feed restriction and sex on carcass traits, meat quality and meat lipid profile of Morada Nova lambs

Fatty acids, mg/100 g of meat Entire male Castrated male Female
AL 30% 60% AL 30% 60% AL 30% 60%
C18:1 t9 38.6AB 41.8AB 28.6B 45.5AB 34.6AB 28.1B 39.2AB 39.9AB 54.5A
C22:0 8.2 8.6 7.4 9.1 8.0 10.2 7.3 8.9 10.8
  1. AL ad libitum intake, 30% 30% feeding restriction, 60% 60% feeding restriction
  2. AB; Means followed by different capital letters in same line differ by Tukey-Kramer test (P < 0.05)