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Table 3 Interactions between sexes and feed restriction on performance of Morada Nova lambs

From: Effects of quantitative feed restriction and sex on carcass traits, meat quality and meat lipid profile of Morada Nova lambs

Variables Entire male Castrated male Female
AL 30% 60% AL 30% 60% AL 30% 60%
BWS 35adA 27bdBC 20cdEF 28aeB 25bdBCD 17ceFG 23afCDE 21bdeDEF 15bfG
EBW 27 adA 21bdBC 15cdEF 22aeB 19beCD 13cdEF 20aeBCD 17bfDE 12ceG
ADG 164adA 110bdBC 47cdDE 114aeB 78beCD 21ceEF 72afD 54afD 5bfF
  1. AL ad libitum intake, 30% 30% feeding restriction, 60% 60% feeding restriction. BWS body weight at slaughter (kg), EBW empty body weight (kg), ADG average daily gain (g)
  2. abc; Means followed by different letters in same sexes differ by Tukey-Kramer test (P < 0.05)
  3. def; Means followed by different letters in same feeding restriction level differ by Tukey-Kramer test (P < 0.05)
  4. ABCDEFG; Means followed by different capital letters in same line differ by Tukey-Kramer test (P < 0.05)