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Fig. 4

From: Association of growth rate with hormone levels and myogenic gene expression profile in broilers

Fig. 4

The serum concentrations of fours hormones including IGF-1 (a), T3 (b), T4 (c), and GH (d) in broilers. All hormones were measured by chicken-specific ELISA on 38-day-old male broilers. Each bar represents mean ± standard error (SE) of ten replicates. Means with no common letter differ significantly (P < 0.05). H = fast-growing broilers (heavy BW); M = medium-growing broilers (average BW); L = slow-growing broilers (low BW). IGF-1, insulin-like growth factor-1; T3, triiodothyronine; T4, thyroxine; GH, growth hormone

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