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Table 6 Potential scale and economic values for the global use of animal and plant protein hydrolysates (PH) in animal feeding

From: Protein hydrolysates in animal nutrition: Industrial production, bioactive peptides, and functional significance

Type Annual global productiona Annual use for animal feedinga Amount used for production of PHb Current pricec Total value for PH
Billion kg/yr Billion kg/yr Billion kg/yr US $/kg Billion US $/yr
ABP 172 60 3 1.5 4.50
Soybean 180 135 6.75 0.575 3.88
Wheat 750 255 12.75 1.57 20.02
  1. ABP, animal byproducts (including livestock, poultry and fish)
  2. aFood and Agriculture Organization [69]
  3. bAssuming that 5% of the ABP or plant products for animal feeds are used to produce protein hydrolysates
  4. cThe prices for peptone (a representative of animal protein hydrolysates), fermented soybean, and hydrolyzed wheat protein [70].