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Fig. 2

From: Rumen methanogens and mitigation of methane emission by anti-methanogenic compounds and substances

Fig. 2

Principal coordinates analysis (PCoA) of 16S rRNA PAM gene sequences obtained from two different studies (a) and different rumen ciliate species (b). C = Chagan et al. [28]; T = Tokura et al. [29]; I = Irbis & Ushida [30]; R = Regensbogenova et al. [31]. Cil = Ciliate fraction; Dip = Diplodinium; Ento = Entodinium; Eud = Eudiplodinium; Iso = Isotricha; Meta = Metadinium; Poly = Polyplastron; Oph = Ophryoscolex. Analyses were conducted using 47 sequences recovered from washing single or several ciliate cells based on the Jukes-Cantor model [177] using MEGA6 [178]

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