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Table 7 Effects of three different weaning treatments on injury score on the day of weaning (just prior to the process of weaning) and at 2 d after weaning

From: Intermittent suckling with or without co-mingling of non-littermate piglets before weaning improves piglet performance in the immediate post-weaning period when compared with conventional weaning

CW IS ISCo SEM P-value
Scratch injury score
 Weaning2 0.48 0.30 0.51 0.09 0.237
 D 2 after weaning 1.03x 0.97xy 0.55y 0.15 0.074
Redness injury score3
 Weaning2 0.21a(0.11-0.35) 0.05b(0.01-0.13) 0.04b(0.01-0.12)   0.016
 D 2 after weaning 0.48a(0.32-0.67) 0.35a(0.21-0.52) 0.02b(0.00-0.08)   <0.001
  1. 1CW = conventional weaning (n = 10 pre-weaning, n = 9 post-weaning), IS = intermittent suckling (n = 10 pre-weaning, n = 9 post-weaning), ISCo = intermittent suckling with co-mingling (n = 10 pre-weaning, n = 9 post-weaning)
  2. 2Injury scores were assessed just prior to weaning
  3. 3Data were square-root transformed and then back transformed and expressed as least square means with 95% confidence intervals
  4. abValues within a row not having the same superscript are significantly different
  5. xyValues within a row not having the same superscript are a trend