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Fig. 1

From: Intermittent suckling with or without co-mingling of non-littermate piglets before weaning improves piglet performance in the immediate post-weaning period when compared with conventional weaning

Fig. 1

Plasma haptoglobin (mg/mL) concentrations in the three different weaning treatments before and after weaning. Values are presented as actual means ± SE. Analysis involved transformation of the data using a square root calculation; CW = conventional weaning (n = 10 pre-weaning, n = 9 post-weaning), IS = intermittent suckling (n = 10 pre-weaning, n = 9 post-weaning), ISCo = intermittent suckling with co-mingling (n = 10 pre-weaning, n = 9 post-weaning). a,b On each experimental day, values not having the same superscript are significantly different.

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