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Table 1 Molecular sensors, microbial component and intracellular signalling pathways involved in the induction of HSPs by intestinal epithelial cells (adapted from ref. [34])

From: Microbiota-host interplay at the gut epithelial level, health and nutrition

Molecular sensor/receptor on intestinal epithelial cell Microbial component recognized Signalling pathway involved
TLR-2 Lipoteichoic acid ?
TLR-4 Lipopolysaccharide MAPK p38, ERK1/2
TLR-5 Flagellin MAPK p38
GPR-41 & GPR-43 (putatively) Butyrate, propionate ?
PepT1 fMLP peptide MAPK p38
OCTN-2 ERGMT peptide MAPK p38
Integrin-β Polyphosphate chains MAPK p38