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Table 4 Relationships between DEGs involved in Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction and other enriched pathways

From: High-concentrate feeding upregulates the expression of inflammation-related genes in the ruminal epithelium of dairy cattle

  1. The grey indicated that this gene was also included in this pathway
  2. aJak-STAT signaling pathway (bta04630)
  3. bChemokine signaling pathway (bta04062)
  4. cIntestinal immune network for IgA production (bta04672)
  5. dNOD-like receptor (bta04621)
  6. eGraft-versus-host disease (bta05332)
  7. fExtracellular region part (GO: 0044421)
  8. gImmune system process (GO: 0002376)
  9. hEstablishment of localization (GO: 0051234)
  10. iMulticellular organismal (GO: 0032501)