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Table 5 Effect of benzoic acid on pH values and digestive enzyme activities in jejunum of young pigs

From: Effects of benzoic acid (VevoVitall®) on the performance and jejunal digestive physiology in young pigs

Items Control Benzoic acid SEM P-value
pH 6.2 5.7 0.11 0.064
Trypsin,U•103/mg protein 45.3b 48.2a 0.64 0.039
Lipase,U•103/g protein 2.7b 2.9a 0.32 0.028
Amylase,U/mg protein 309.1b 401.9a 15.81 0.030
  1. Mean values with their standard errors, n = 10
  2. a-b Within a row, means with different superscripts differ (P < 0.05)