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Table 3 Description of selection signatures and genes identified in candidate regions

From: Selection signatures in Canchim beef cattle

Candidate region a Window SNP b Genes
5:5,415,5228…5,4198,119 (42.9 Kb) 54 rs109140890, rs109099698, rs134749225 SLC16A7
5:54,272,467…55,199,380 (926.9 Kb) 55 rs137138760, rs109120533, rs135504287, rs133591560, rs111002641, rs133087713, rs135847398, rs110300059, rs133256279, rs132685585, rs136462146 LRIG3, LOC785078, LOC101907520
5:57,606,624…57,741,701 (135.1 Kb) 58 rs108956573, rs41657485, rs134894252, rs135485666, rs134235538, rs137809406, rs29018280, rs135598509, rs134140651, rs137073278, rs135368690, rs133170163, rs134681832 IKZF4, DGKA, RAB5B, PYM1, SUOX, PMEL, CDK2, RPS26
5:60,260,395…60,267,575 (7.2 Kb) 60 rs109346532, rs134633547, rs109158476, rs134963725 TESPA1
5:72,348,422…72,410,862 (62.4 Kb) 73 rs110636438, rs110912484, rs41669840, rs136536638 LARGE
14:25,505,663…25,877,586 (371.9 Kb) 25 rs137267491, rs41627946, rs134846474, rs137748068, rs42299083, rs42299080, rs136141080, rs133252286, rs134567839 IMPAD1
  1. a Chromosome: position of the first and last statistically significant SNP (P < 0.00001) within the window
  2. b SNP: Single Nucleotide Polymorphism