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Fig. 2

From: The prolonged effect of glucagon-like peptide 2 pretreatment on growth performance and intestinal development of weaned piglets

Fig. 2

GLP-2 pretreatment maintained the integrity of the villus, and protected it against LPS-induced damage. Micrographs of duodenal (a, b, c, d), jejunal (e, f, g, h), and ileal (i, j, k, l) villi from control, LPS-treated, and GLP-2-treated piglets at 15 d postweaning. Control group (a, e, i); LPS group (b, f, j); 2 nmol/kg GLP-2 group (c, g, k); and 10 nmol/kg GLP-2 group (d, h, l). The arrows in panels b, f and j indicate the damaged tips of the intestinal villi after LPS treatment. Desquamation was observed at the tips of the intestinal villi, and the exposed lamina propria was clearly seen in the control group (panels b, f and j). (100 ×)

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