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Table 2 Effects of Clostridium butyricum on growth performance in broilers1

From: Effects of dietary supplementation of probiotic, Clostridium butyricum, on growth performance, immune response, intestinal barrier function, and digestive enzyme activity in broiler chickens challenged with Escherichia coli K88

Items Age of (post-ch)2 Experimental treats Statistics
BW, g 3d 351.71a 319.83b 342.23a 339.95a 3.588 <0.01
7d 401.16a 354.00b 402.71a 398.81a 4.479 <0.01
14d 747.33ab 649.00c 774.83a 738.16b 11.161 <0.01
21d 1283.5a 1064.8b 1265.8a 1275.2a 26.491 <0.01
ADG, g 3-7d 12.36b 8.54c 15.12a 14.71a 0.651 <0.01
7-14d 49.45a 42.14b 53.16a 48.47a 1.117 <0.01
14-21d 76.60 59.40 70.13 76.72 2.831 0.089
3-21d 51.76a 41.38b 51.30a 51.95a 1.365 <0.01
  1. a-cMeans in the same row with different superscript letters differ significantly (P < 0.05)
  2. 1Each mean represents 6 birds. NC = birds fed a basal diet without challenged with E. coli K88; PC = birds fed a basal diet and challenged with E. coli K88. CB = birds fed a basal diet including 2 × 107 CFU C. butyricum/kg of diet and challenged with E. coli K88. CS = birds fed a basal diet including 20 mg colistin sulfate/kg of diet and challenged with E. coli K88
  3. 2The days after challenging