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Table 3 Exon-intron boundaries of the porcine MSRB3 gene

From: Porcine methionine sulfoxide reductase B3: molecular cloning, tissue-specific expression profiles, and polymorphisms associated with ear size in Sus scrofa

Exon/intron Exon size ,bp 5’ Splice donor 3’ Splice acceptor
1 138 GCTCAGTCGGgtgagttggg tcctactcagCTCTTGCCCC
2 127 CTTCCCTCAGgttgctgctt ctctttccagGGTCATGTAG
3 109 GGACCGAAAGgtaaggcgag tatgtttcagTGCCTTCGAA
4 78 CGTTGTTCAAgtaagtatgt ccctttgcagGTCAGAAACA
5 29 TCTGGTTCAGgtatgtttacatta tgtaacccagGTTGGCCTT
6 101 CTGCTCTCAGgtcagttaac tctcttgcagTGCGGTGCTCAC
7 3,178 TTTATAAAAA  
  1. Exon sequences are shown in uppercase letters, and intron sequences are shown in lowercase letters
  2. Conserved GT–AG junctions are marked in boldface type
  3. Splice junction positions are determined from our own porcine MSRB3 sequence and the publicly available MSRB3 genomic sequence