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Fig. 3

From: An efficient strategy for generation of transgenic mice by lentiviral transduction of male germline stem cells in vivo

Fig. 3

Generation of transgenic mice via injection of lentivirus with CMV promoter to drive eGFP expression in Experiment 2. a. Lentiviral vector used for generating transgenic mice. b. gDNA amplification using the primers for eGFP transgene or GAPDH. Heart, skin, liver, muscle and testis tissue were collected from a pup indicated in (e), and the expression of eGFP transgene was detected via RT-PCR (c), Western Blot (d). E. eGFP expression in F1 pups was observed under a fluorescent lamp. F. Expression of eGFP in a seminiferous tubule. G. A cross section of testis tissue from a F1 transgenic mouse showed complete spermatogenesis. Bar = 100 μm in F, G and H, Bar = 1 cm in E

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