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Table 1 Effect of melatonin implantation on productive parameters of Inner Mongolian cashmere goats1

From: Effects of melatonin implantation on cashmere yield, fibre characteristics, duration of cashmere growth as well as growth and reproductive performance of Inner Mongolian cashmere goats

Item Treatment S.E.M2 P-value
Control Melatonin
Initial body weight3, kg 32.7 33.1 1.53 0.757
Final body weight3, kg 37.0 37.9 2.17 0.655
Average daily gain, g 11.9 13.3 3.05 0.648
Cashmere yield, g 553.7b 745.0a 52.78 <0.01
Maximum length, mm 95.2b 115.4a 4.55 <0.01
Cashmere fibre diameter, μm 14.6a 14.0b 0.25 0.026
  1. 1Values are means of nine replicates per treatment. Means with different superscripts (a and b) within the same row differ (P < 0.05)
  2. 2S.E.M = Standard error of the mean
  3. 3Initial body weight taken when implants were inserted (i.e. April 30) and final body weight was taken when cashmere production ceased