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Table 2 Significantly enriched KEGG pathways associated with differentially expressed proteins (DEPs) (caruncular (C) vs . intercaruncular (IC)) from pregnant and non-pregnant ewes

From: Comparative analysis between endometrial proteomes of pregnant and non-pregnant ewes during the peri-implantation period

Comparison Term Count P- value
C vs. IC areas (pregnant group) Focal adhesion 14 2.60E-05
ECM-receptor interaction 8 4.40E-04
Valine, leucine and isoleucine degradation 5 8.70E-03
Pyruvate metabolism 4 3.10E-02
Adherens junction 5 3.50E-02
Amino sugar and nucleotide sugar metabolism 4 4.30E-02
C vs. IC areas (non-pregnant group) Ribosome 8 1.40E-03
Antigen processing and presentation 7 2.20E-03
Spliceosome 8 1.10E-02
Proteasome 5 1.20E-02
Pentose and glucuronate interconversions 3 2.70E-02
Starch and sucrose metabolism 4 3.30E-02
Phenylalanine metabolism 3 4.50E-02
Aminoacyl-tRNA biosynthesis 4 4.60E-02
  1. Count: number of proteins associated with the term. P-value: Modified Fisher Exact P-value, EASE Score.