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Table 1 Effect of A. niger fermentation on components of rapeseed cake, as-DM basis 1

From: Solid state fermentation of rapeseed cake with Aspergillus niger for degrading glucosinolates and upgrading nutritional value

Contents, % Control FRSC 3 SEM 4
Incubation time
  (RSC) 2
1d 2d 3d
Crude protein 31.84c 33.70bc 38.05ab 39.17a 1.11
TCA-SP5 7.82d 9.69c 12.48b 15.93a 0.94
Ether extract 5.14c 5.72b 6.07ab 6.35a 0.14
NDF 38.39a 38.52a 34.19b 34.89b 0.68
Phytic acid 2.78a 2.78a 2.55b 1.54c 0.15
  1. 1Values are means of three replicates per treatment. Means in a row with no common letters differ significantly (P <0.05).
  2. 2RSC = rapeseed cake.
  3. 3FRSC = fermented rapeseed cake.
  4. 4SEM = Standard error of the mean.
  5. 5TCA-SP = trichloroacetic acid soluble protein.