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Table 4 Effects of dietary essential oil on the performance, fecal consistency and nutrient digestibility of weaned pigs 1

From: Essential oil and aromatic plants as feed additives in non-ruminant nutrition: a review

 Weight gain, g/d 382a 348b 383a 4.50
 Feed intake, g/d 633 636 631 11.98
 Feed conversion 1.65a 1.82b 1.64a 0.04
 Feed consistency 1.42b 1.44b 1.29a 0.07
Nutrient digestibility, %     
 Dry matter 81.2a 79.2b 81.2a 0.48
 Crude protein 79.3a 73.3b 79.2a 0.85
 Energy 79.9a 76.3b 81.1a 0.57
 Calcium 56.3 57.0 59.5 1.65
 Phosphorus 56.3 56.0 60.0 1.61
  1. Zeng et al. [20].
  2. 1Values represent the mean of twelve pens with four pigs per pen. The dietary treatments were: PC (positive control); NC (negative control, 150 kJ/kg DE lower than the PC diet); EO (NC diet supplemented with 0.025% EO product which contained at least 4.5% cinnamaldehyde and 13.5% thymol).
  3. a,bMeans in the same row with different superscripts are significantly different (P < 0.05).