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Table 4 Ruminal metabolites and kinetic of digestion of three total mixed rations containing three different sources of non-fiber carbohydrate

From: Effects of different sources of carbohydrates on intake, digestibility, chewing, and performance of Holstein dairy cows

Item Treatments1 SEM P value
pH 6.62c 6.73b 6.83a 0.002 0.003
NH3-N2, mg/dL 6.76b 6.68b 7.71a 0.111 0.035
VFA concentration      
Total, mmol/L 125.44a 121.21b 125.01a 0.650 <0.001
Acetate, mol/100 mol 58.21c 60.21b 63.05a 0.435 <0.001
Propionate, mol/100 mol 26.75a 25.45b 23.04c 0.121 <0.001
Butyrate, mol/100 mol 6.48 6.33 6.28 0.104 0.075
Isobutytate, mol/100 mol 2.39a 2.29a 2.11b 0.093 0.023
Valerate, mol/100 mol 3.47a 3.35ab 3.25b 0.096 <0.001
Isovalerate, mol/100 mol 2.49a 2.37ab 2.27b 0.073 0.014
Acetate: propionate 2.16c 2.37b 2.75a 0.053 <0.001
Ruminal passage rate, %/h 4.36b 5.46a 4.06c 0.097 0.012
Ruminal mean retention time, h 23.48b 18.32c 24.63a 0.871 0.002
Total mean retention time, h 54.36b 52.64b 61.35a 1.214 0.003
Time delay, h 9.25b 10.24a 9.86ab 0.444 0.021
  1. a, b, cMeans within a row with different subscripts differ (P < 0.05).
  2. 1Treatments were diets containing barley + basal diet (B), barley and corn + basal diet (BC), and barley and beet pulp + basal diet (BB).
  3. 2NH3-N = ammonia nitrogen concentration.