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Figure 2

From: Transforming growth factor β signaling in uterine development and function

Figure 2

Major functions of TGFβ superfamily signaling in the female reproduction. TGFβ superfamily signaling regulates a variety of reproductive processes including follicular development (e.g., TGFβs, GDF9, BMP15, activins, and AMH), ovulation (e.g., GDF9), oocyte competence (e.g., GDF9 and BMP15), decidualization (e.g., BMP2 and NODAL), implantation (e.g., ALK2-mediated signaling), pregnancy (e.g., BMPR2-mediated signaling), embryonic development (e.g., TGFβs, activins, follistatin, BMP2, and BMP4), and uterine development (TGFBR1-mediated signaling).

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